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DATES: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2020 through FEBRUARY 20, 2020




 About Sal Agostinelli ......................

Sal is the International Scouting Director for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Sal played ten years in the minor leagues, eight with the St. Louis Cardinals, reaching Louisville of the American Association (Triple A). In 1989, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, playing two years for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons, Triple A affiliate. During his career, Sal was invited to five major league spring trainings.

In 1991, Sal began his coaching career for the Martinsdale Phillies (Rookie Ball Team). In 1992, he coached at Reading of the Eastern League and in 1993 was promoted to Northeast Scouting Supervisor of the Phillies.

In 1997, Sal was appointed International Scouting Director, overseeing academics in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

What scouts are looking for:

Pitching - Most scouts are looking for 3 basic qualities in a good pitching prospect:

  1. Good size
  2. Good arm action
  3. Good arm strength.

If you are a pitcher and you lack these skills, it is beneficial for you to work to attain these goals.

Catching - Catching is a blue collar job. A catcher must be a leader. So if you are lazy and quiet this position is not for you. Qualities are:

  1. Good arm strength
  2. Quick feet
  3. Agility

Years ago we put the poorest athlete behind the plate. This is no longer true.

First base - Must be one of the best hitters on field and also have good power. So if you are a below average hitter, you will not progress at this position. Defensive skills are important, but if you swing a solid bat you will be more of an asset as a player. Offensive capabilities are very important.

Second base - Must be a very good athlete. You must have combination of range, speed (foot speed) and hitting ability.

Short stop - Must have great defensive skills. Good arm strength, good agility and range. We can live with poor batting.

Third base - Must have good bat, we can live with adequate defensive skills. You need good hitting ability and power.

Left field - Good power and hitting ability. This is a position where you can afford to have a guy who has poor defensive skills but really has good bat.

Center field - Must have good speed, must be lead-off type hitter. Must know how to bunt, hit the ball the other way. Arm strength and hitting power are not as critical at this position.

Right field - must have power and good arm strength. Must have best arm in outfield.

As you can see, the corner positions: 3rd, 1st, left field, and right field are offensive positions which must have your best hitters playing at these positions. Short stop, 2nd, centerfield: these positions are called "up the middle", positions. That's where your best athletes with good agility should be playing. Again, behind the plate, put your leader (vocal type of guy) there.